Opencart 3.0

Opencart 3.0 is now available for our customers and can be downloaded from Opencart download page.

Peersol will be offering the set up of this latest version to our clients. We will also be providing services to upgrade old versions of Opencart (1.x or 2.x) to the latest one .

We have recently upgraded some of our clients from version 1.5 to version 3.0. This also required us to upgrade some of the extensions that were not compatible with version 3.0

There has been a lot of discussion, on various forums, regarding the features being shipped in Opencart 3.0. The details of the features included in Opencart 3.0 can be found on this blog from iSenseLabĀ hereĀ .

Following is the list of features:

  • Extension Marketplace Integrated in the Admin
  • Theme Editor
  • Language Editor
  • Multilingual SEO URLs
  • Improved Admin Data Filters
  • Improved & Flexible Reports
  • Statistics

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