Specialised Technologies


Ecommerce is the forte of Peersol Solutions and one of the platforms we use to provide ecommerce solutions to our clients is OpenCart. Our expertise in OpenCart has translated into successful delivery of complete online store to a varied range of clients. In addition to setting up and managing an online store the Search Engine Optimization for the same holds crucial importance. Peersol has officially partnered with OpenCart in the UK to provide best OpenCart solutions to the client and seamless shopping experience for your customers. Our partnership with OpenCart – UK ensures that your website will get the best and preferential customer support from the parent platform.  We have website solely dedicated to OpenCart ecommerce solutions by the name of An OpenCart Expert. Visit the website today to get your new OpenCart store or to take your existing store to new levels of success and professionalism.


Shopify is arguably the most well-known platform for starting and running an online business through ecommerce. It holds a lot of promise of success and riches. We see the success stories and motivational videos about Shopify almost daily on YouTube ads. Although, the promise of Shopify success is not without merit but it is not as simple as it is made out to be in the ads. To succeed in using Shopify to become rich through ecommerce and online retailing it requires a lot of trial and error and enormous amounts of time. However, our team of Shopify has spent their time in experimenting and after much trial and errors has perfected the approach that maximizes the success factor. With Peersol’s Shopify solutions you get the best practices which minimize your investments of time and money into making your business a success.


Magento is one of the most popular and effective ecommerce platform and is one of the platforms that Peersol provides services in. The program is open source and was developed by volunteers to help small businesses harness the power of ecommerce. Magento brings the power of cloud solutions to countless brands and sellers with its flexible solutions to grow their business and create new things and services. Peersol Solutions also uses this platform to bring the power of Magento for our clients. We have a team of developers and professionals that specialize in Magento ecommerce who will bring the optimum level of impact and performance to a Magento ecommerce store. If you want to start your store using Magento then look no further and contact us today for a consultation.


WordPress is one of the most widely used platform for content management and website creation. The tool used to bring a WordPress site into ecommerce life is WooCommerce. It works as a plugin for WordPress and can be used for all sizes of online stores. It is extremely popular because of the ease it offers for installation and customization. WooCommerce also provides extensions for existing online store to customize their online shopping experience for the customer. Peersol Consulting’s provides its services for establishing, fixing and maintaining WooCommerce stores and shops. Our team of WooCommerce experts has all the skills required to start and to run a successful ecommerce store using the platform of WooCommerce. Contact us today to successfully woo success using WooCommerce with Peersol.

Node.Js Javascript Framework

Node.Js is an opens source program for web server. It is very versatile and can be run on multiple operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc. The Node.Js is a JavaScript framework used to run JavaScript on the server. Node.js is one of the fastest platform available in the current scenario. According to tests conducted on the Apache benchmarking tool the comparison between PHP and Node.js found that Node.js performed 74% better than Zend PHP. The comparison between HHVM also showed Node.js slightly ahead of the HHVM. Peersol boasts an experienced team of Node.js developers that will bring your website or e-store the best performance today’s technology can offer.

PHP Laravel Framework

Peersol Solutions’ ecommerce portfolio is diverse and multiplatform. We provide solutions in all the popular platforms to ensure the specific needs of our diverse range of clients are met. Laravel is one of our favorite platforms due to the sound logic in its program and its ability to allow for a great presentation. Laravel framework derives its power from the mighty Symfony architecture code. Our Laravel experts are adept in PHP as well giving them full command over the Laravel Framework. If you choose Laravel to be the platform for your website Peersol has got all your needs covered with our experts of PHP and Laravel.